Customer Service Representative

The Harlingen Waterworks currently employs 4 full time Customer Service Representatives who report directly to the main office at 121 E. Harrison.

Each one of the representatives is responsible for taking new connections, disconnections, handling complaints, address changes, switchboard, producing service work orders, writing receipts, 2 way radio communications with outside servicemen, filing, credit card phone payments, processing water bills and various other duties.

Each person has been cross-trained to perform each other’s job. Each representative has specific duties they are responsible for on a daily basis, these include the utility billing which entails downloading the information the meter readers have brought in and verifying that the water consumption for the month is within the normal range for each account, should it appear to be outside the normal range they must write a request to have the meter reader re-check the reading. The billing representative is also responsible for making sure the readings and pro-rate days for the new connections and disconnections are in the system correctly as well as verifying the name and mailing address on each order. The Waterworks currently bills 4 working days out of each month, the day you are billed will depend on where you live.

The representatives are responsible for tracking orders, keying the information upon their return, filing the orders, as well as making any adjustments to the accounts. This is in addition to sending out special notices, faxing, typing, and maintaining monthly reports. Each representative is responsible for handling approximately 5,750 accounts each per month.