The Harlingen Waterworks currently employs 2 full time servicemen and 1 part time serviceman. These gentlemen are responsible for making disconnections, new connections, checking readings, disconnects for non payment, as well as being our Public Relations team. These men report to the main office at 134 E. Van Buren where they pick up their daily work. Each man is responsible for organizing his work load each day.

This work consists of new connections, where in most cases, they must go out and open the meter box cover, verify the meter number, remove the pad lock, turn on the water, pick up the start reading, wait for the meter to stop registering, and then replace the meter box cover all before they can move on to the next request. In those cases where the meter does not stop registering the serviceman will go to the door and knock to advise the customer that the meter is indicating that water is being used. If no one is home the serviceman will then turn the water back off at the meter and leave a notification on the door.

In those cases where a disconnect is requested the serviceman is responsible for going to the location and following basically the same procedures will close the cut off and then pad lock the meter, pick up the reading, and then replace the lid as above, before moving on to the next request. This same procedure is used for our disconnects for non payment.

These men also serve as our direct link to customers who may be have concerns about their water usage. They are assigned a re-read and recheck to verify that the reading picked up by the meter reader was not an error, if they should find there is a possibility of a leak, they are responsible for going to the door and advising the customer. If no one is home they will leave a notice on the door advising the customer of their findings, or have a representative contact the customer.

These gentlemen handle service requests ranging anywhere from 35 orders each per day to in excess of 75 per day, with an accumulated 40 years of experience they get the job done.