The finance department exists to ensure financial accountability, to effectively manage the assets of the Waterworks, and to provide appropriate financial information for the evaluation of the Waterworks’ activities.

The goals of the department are:

  • to ensure legal compliance with applicable Federal, State, and City Charter accounting, budgeting, purchasing, and financial reporting requirements;
  • to prepare financial statements which fairly present the financial position of the Waterworks’ funds and activities in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles;
  • to provide accurate, timely and relevant financial information to the rate payers, City Commission, Utility Board of Trustees and management of the Waterworks System;
  • to establish and maintain an adequate system of internal controls and procedures to safeguard the Waterworks’ assets against loss from unauthorized use or disposition;
  • to identify and plan for the future financial needs of the Waterworks and its rate payers;
  • to manage and administer the issuance of debt;
  • to effectively manage the cash and investments of the Waterworks;
  • to prepare the annual budget for use as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan, and as a communications device;
  • to assist management and staff in monitoring budget performance, revenue generation and realization, and cost reduction or containment;
  • to utilize technology to ensure efficient and effective customer services and management of resources;
  • to implement processes and procedures which provide exceptional customer services at a reasonable cost;
  • to hire and retain a qualified staff to service the needs of internal and external customers.