Over the past year, HWWS crews have responded to an average of 45 sewer backup calls per month. We use tethered CCTV cameras to inspect the interior of our sewer mains and the customer’s service line to determine the cause and location of the backup.

In the past week, HWWS investigated nine sewer backup calls, four of which involved the customer’s service line. Service line blockages are often caused by broken or severely deteriorated pipe.

When HWWS finds a problem between the sewer main and the customer’s property line, we replace the damaged service line and the connection to the main at a discounted cost to the customer. For backups and repairs within the customer’s property, customers must either call a plumber or self-perform the repair.

Since 2012, all sewer service line and tap replacements have included a cleanout installed at the property line to make inspection and clearing backups more efficient.

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