If you are wondering how the meter reader reads your meter it is really quite simple. On the meter face below you will see several small boxes like the ones pictured, located in the middle of the meter, the meter readers will pick up numbers down to the hundred gallons. The Waterworks only bills in hundreds of gallons or higher, therefore, we only read the hundreds and higher. The additional digits are very useful for customers who are trying to determine when and how much water they use over a given period. Each meter also has a low usage indicator, these come in various forms, including a triangle, a second hand needle, or a star shape. These indicators will turn even when the slightest amount of water is going through the meter, this would be considered the single gallon indicator. If the indicator is rocking back and forth this does not indicate usage, that is generally caused
from the pressure of the water pushing up against the closed line. How do I read my meter?

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