Important notice regarding irrigation systems

All irrigation systems connected to the City of Harlingen Waterworks System (HWWS) require:
  1. installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly,
  2. inspection of the installation by an HWWS Inspector,
  3. submission of test reports to the HWWS,
  4. final approval of the installation by an HWWS Inspector, and
  5. thereafter, annual testing of the backflow prevention device.

Installation of a backflow prevention assembly, connection of an irrigation system, and annual testing may only be performed by a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) licensed installer or contractor has registered with HWWS. A list of registered installers can be viewed from the file linked below.


Installation, testing, and repair costs vary by installer/contractor. Prior to installation or testing of an irrigation system, please contact a registered installers for an estimate of the costs associated with meeting these requirements.

Harlingen Waterworks System enforces the rules and regulations established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality pertaining to irrigation system installations and backflow prevention assemblies.

HWWS’s Backflow Inspections team can be reached at (956) 440-6580 or

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